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Concrete Staining in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, GA

Give Any Concrete Surface An Attractive Finish With Concrete Staining In Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, GA And Surrounding Areas

Concrete staining from your local 360° Painting of North Atlanta, GA is the perfect way to give any concrete surface an attractive and unique finish. Our concrete staining services allow homeowners to transform plain, unremarkable concrete into something truly beautiful, creating an all-new, decorative finish with a look reminiscent of stone, earth, or marble. Whether you’re staining your pool deck, your patio, or commercial flooring, our team can help you achieve a one-of-a-kind look that will wow clients, friends, family, and neighbors for years to come.

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Protection That’s Permanent

360° Painting offers many advantages over other decorative flooring options. Concrete staining in Decatur, Norcross, GA and surrounding areas is an affordable, resilient, and permanent flooring treatment that results in a truly high-end, luxurious appearance. It is highly adaptable, and can be used on practically any concrete surface, including both old and new concrete.

Some of the most popular uses include:

Our team uses a special chemical formula that reacts with concrete to permanently change its appearance. Depending on the type of stain used, staining can create a marble-like finish, a natural stone look, or an earthen appearance. Concrete staining can also be used to achieve geometric designs and decorative patterns.

Concrete staining in Decatur, Norcross, GA and surrounding areas from 360° Painting also offers the advantage of minimal maintenance and upkeep. A staining application creates a uniform, easy-to-clean, non-porous surface. Because stains are achieved through a permanent chemical reaction, the stain will not chip, peel, or flake, and it will resist discoloration.

We also offer deck staining services along with fence staining services.

professional Concrete Staining services from experienced painters

If you’re considering updating the look and life of your concrete, 360° Painting is the perfect partner for your project. With our reputation for top materials, professional workmanship, and attentive customer service, we take the stress and hassle out of residential and commercial concrete staining jobs.

We source our concrete staining from trusted manufacturers, offer stains in a wide range of styles and colors, and apply stains with the care and skill needed to achieve the results you are looking for. Before any concrete staining job, we take the time to understand your vision and your expectations, and we will work with you to make sure those expectations become a reality.

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Satisfaction Made Simple

At 360° Painting, our team goes above and beyond to ensure your total satisfaction. Our painters have years of experience and each of them receives comprehensive training to make sure they provide services that meet our high standards. You have many options when it comes to local painting companies - 360° Painting promises to be the simplest painting experience.