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Interior Style Trend Predictions for 2021

There is a good chance we will continue to spend more time at home for a while yet, which means we will really want to LOVE the space we are in. With that in mind, check out my style predictions for the coming year!

I think we can expect to see dramatic and deep tone colors continue with Navy leading the way in 2021. We want modern, yet clean. We want to feel cozy and safe; yet simple and darker hues provide that for us. Saturating colors in small spaces brings an air of sophistication, while still feeling warm, welcoming, and harmonizing.

navy dining room

Bringing the outdoors in has always been a style choice I love! Mostly because it brings such peace and cohesion in your all-around surroundings but, also because nature is beautiful. Natural elements provide stunning focal points, conversation starters and really set the tone in your space.

living room

White tones and sweet hues will continue forward into 2021 too, though these will be paired with pops of bright colors and dark gray or even black. Contrasting accent walls that are fun and exhilarating are a terrific way to show off your personality and provide depth to the room.

table in room

We have also become very conscious of our environments and with so many more of us wanting to re-purpose and re-use we also want to feel close to nature so be on the lookout for statement pieces, repurposed or new; made to look re-purposed too!

What ever you choose, you will most definitely be claiming your space in 2021!

... oh and GREEN! You are going to start seeing greens trending this year too!