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4 Easy Steps to the Perfect Accent Wall

Accent walls can add dimension to a space, provide a focal point, highlight furnishings and accessories, or simply add a pop of unexpected color to an otherwise mundane space.

color sheets

Because most of us like to use more neutral tones throughout our homes so as not to overpower the space, doing so may leave us feeling, shall we say … unimpressed. This is where accent walls come in! Whether you are painting the wall a few shades darker than the others or adding in an impulsive WOW factor, you will definitely feel the change in the air and have a little fun too! Not sure how to choose the best color for that wall?? Well lucky you, we have 5 simple steps to guide you!

  1. Low Sheen! I am a big advocate for deep tones in small spaces, including accent walls. Reason is, it is easy to change and a great place to take a risk. Though it is important that if you plan to have a deep-toned accent wall, you use a flat or matte paint sheen. Doing so will allow full saturation with out and lighting glares that may alter the color.

dining room

  1. Stay Safe! Ask the paint store for the full color strip of the same color you used on your other walls and just go a few shades darker, at least two, more if you feel daring!

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  1. Use a color from a piece of décor or an accessory! Have a piece of artwork you love or maybe a throw that reminds you of your trip to your happy place? Pull a complementary color from something you love that will be in the space along with it. Adding that color as an accent will highlight your very favorite things and may even be a conversation starter with your guests.

Dining table

  1. Let your surroundings inspire you! If you live in the country, earthy tones will help you feel right at home. On the beach? Soft blues and greens may be quite serene … and if you are in the city modern industrial colors will add a punch of color to your steely environment.

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