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Posts from 2021

  • 13 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Color Palette Don’t feel stuck trying to choose the right colors for your next project! Check out our great tips and tricks that will ensure you put a palette together that feels balanced, use appropriate and is sure to become your most favorite room of the house! Before you dive into ... Continue Reading
  • How to Choose the right Stain or Sealer for your Deck. Stains and sealers can make, or break, the longevity, appearance, and care of your wood deck surface. Deck maintenance can seem daunting if you are unsure of exactly what to look for and when the weather (finally!) gets warm, your deck is the first place you want to relax, ... Continue Reading
  • Find Inspiration in your Favorite Cuisine! From Winter to Spring, we start to crave lighter, brighter fare that is as tantalizing to the tongue as it is appealing to eye, why not bring that sense of new life into your interior paint color scheme as well! Bright citrus and fresh herbs bursting with flavor, bring about ... Continue Reading
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