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13 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Color Palette

Don’t feel stuck trying to choose the right colors for your next project! Check out our great tips and tricks that will ensure you put a palette together that feels balanced, use appropriate and is sure to become your most favorite room of the house!

Before you dive into colors, start with a plan. Give this mini questionnaire a go to get started! Your answers are 50 percent of the project because your color choices depend on them for direction and the answers will lead you to your new color scheme!

1. Where is the room?

2. How many windows are there, which direction do they face and how much natural light do you get?

3. Is there landscaping outside that will influence the colors in the room?

4. Who will use the room, and what will they do there? Is it private or community space?

5. Will it be a sociable and active place, or a peaceful place? How do I want it to feel?

13 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Color Palette

Next up, we have some terrific tips and tricks for you:

  • Choose a color collection from your favorite décor piece (photo above!)

Find something that speaks to you. Your beloved paintings, rugs, draperies and even upholstery were selected by you because something about them resonates with you and by referencing the colors within, you can define the feel of a room and a focal point which will provide you a palette you adore.

  • View Swatches in Natural Light.

It's common to fall in love with a paint swatch in the store then find the color looks drastically different once it's painted on your walls. This is caused, in part, because paint looks different under artificial light versus natural light. For a better idea of the finished color, always look at paint chips near a window. AND you may want to switch out your light bulbs to a natural, bright white as well.

  • Cohesion and Transitions

Though every room mustn’t be the same, it is important to ensure there is a cohesive feel in common areas and pleasing transitions into adjacent rooms.

  • Decorate From Dark to Light, Vertically

A real easy way to make any space look good without much risk, is to use darker color values for the floor, medium color values for the walls and light values for the ceiling.

13 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Color Palette

  • Rely on a Timeless Pairing (photo above!)

Always chic, black + white is one dynamic duo that never goes out of style. Try a classic pairing of soft white and jet black with earthy, natural wood accents to bring in warmth.

  • Get Familiar with Colors!

If you aren’t familiar with colors or have never seen a color wheel … now is a great time to start. Colors next to each other on the color wheel such as blue & green – are more casual, relaxing & work best in informal or private spaces. While contrasting colors like red & green are more dramatic and can be overpowering, so you’ll want to opt for different shades.

  • Make Small Spaces Pop

If you have a small room in your house don't paint it white to make it seem bigger, instead, give it more oomph with a look-at-me color choice. Let your big rooms expand with light, and your small rooms envelop you.

  • Use the Rule of 60-30-10

When decorating a space, divide the colors into components of 60 percent of a dominant color (walls), 30 percent of a secondary color (furniture) and 10 percent of an accent color (décor), Works every time! This ratio ensures that the colors are perfectly balanced and there's just enough pop for interest.

13 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Color Palette

  • Rock a Monochromatic Look

Monochromatic simply means one dominant hue, and it doesn’t need to be white or beige, it can be ANY color. Different shades can help to avoid overpowering but, saturating a space with your favorite color can shine a glorious spotlight on what you love!

  • Go with Gray

Put today's trendiest neutral, gray, to work in any style interior. Gray's chameleon-like quality allows the color to appear either warm or cool and pair beautifully with both pastels and bold hues or even kicky colors like hot pink, Kelly green or copper orange.

  • Take a Cue from Your Clothes

Most people buy clothes in colors that make them feel good and look good. Similarly, you should dress your rooms in colors that flatter. If denim is your go-to, consider a navy accent wall or opt for a soft warm blue. If you look and feel perkiest in bright yellows and spring green, try mixing a dreamsicle hue that melts you cares away.

  • Follow the Rule of Three

Limiting your palette to just three colors is a can't-miss strategy in any space. In this cheery bedroom, saturated shades of sunny yellow, navy blue and grass green feel fresh, preppy and always on-trend.

  • Trust the Experts!

Big brand names like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Pantone create new color palettes each year that follow current trends. Simply do a search and select the palette that best suits your plans for the space and go from there!!

If you feel like you still need a little more help, give us a call to set up an appointment with our Color Consultant, she loves helping clients create the perfect space! And if you hire 360Painting Minneapolis to complete the project for you, her design services are free of charge! Call (866) 99PAINT for your free in-home estimate today!