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Community Engagement

  • Hues for Heroes, Provides a Fresh Look on Life for our Military Veterans and their Families. Hues for Heroes was an idea I came up with on Veterans Day in 2018. I kept the idea to himself (even from my wife, Kristin!) until Memorial Day of 2019 where, once casually mentioned during a business meeting, spread among peers and friends like wildfire! The idea, simply ... Continue Reading

Design Ideas

  • Find Inspiration in your Favorite Cuisine! From Winter to Spring, we start to crave lighter, brighter fare that is as tantalizing to the tongue as it is appealing to eye, why not bring that sense of new life into your interior paint color scheme as well! Bright citrus and fresh herbs bursting with flavor, bring about ... Continue Reading
  • 6 Exterior Paint Color Combinations Your Neighbors Will Love! Choosing exterior paint colors can feel daunting and over whelming, let 360 painting Minneapolis help! After all, painting the exterior of your home is a bit more costly and ideally, something you only must do once every 7-10 years. When selecting a new color scheme for the ... Continue Reading
  • Going Bold in Small Spaces One of my very favorite interior painting projects is to make a big impact in a small space with color! The old myth that deep tones make a room feel smaller is simply that. Deep tones can create depth when used on an accent wall, provide pure saturation of a small space ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Easy Steps to the Perfect Accent Wall Accent walls can add dimension to a space, provide a focal point, highlight furnishings and accessories, or simply add a pop of unexpected color to an otherwise mundane space. Because most of us like to use more neutral tones throughout our homes so as not to overpower the ... Continue Reading

Tips & Tricks

  • Improve Your Indoor Air Quality, with Paint! With such emphasis on indoor air quality these days, we are receiving more and more inquiries for environmentally safe paint options that are also less harmful to us humans. Naturally, the team at 360 Painting Minneapolis is concerned for our environment and the health of ... Continue Reading
  • The colors in your home, in your office, and your life have a significant impact on your well-being. The new year creates an opportunity for self-improvement and goal setting. Whether your resolutions are career-oriented, fitness-related, or anything in between, the right headspace for productivity begins with your environment. Set yourself up for success by choosing colors ... Continue Reading
  • Wintertime is a great time for painting the interior of your home! While winter’s snowy and cold conditions put a damper on many home remodeling projects, interior painting is not one of them. In fact, there are many benefits to painting the interior of your home during the wintertime! And 360 Painting Minneapolis would live to help! BUT If ... Continue Reading
  • Color Trends in Cabinets We are so loving watching our clients go daring with their cabinet and woodwork colors and with 360 Painting Minneapolis on your side, you can be assured a flawless finish and lasting durability. We have entered a new era, everyone and it is a world where we believe it is ... Continue Reading