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NWA – What to Ask When Choosing an Interior Painter in Bentonville

A professional paint job can do wonders to help brighten your home’s interior, but finding the right painter for your Bentonville-area home can be a challenge. Many homeowners struggle to find a painting company that offers reliable services, quality finishes and guaranteed work. To help you find a trustworthy interior painter, 360° Painting® of NWA has come up with a list of questions a potential painter should be able to answer to your satisfaction.interior painter in Bentonville painted living room

How Will You Prepare My Home for Painting?

While an interior painter might ask that you remove your personal belongings and wall hangings before painting begins, they should otherwise fully prepare your Bentonville-area home for painting. A first-rate interior painter will move furniture to the center of your room for you, and protect it and your floors using plastic sheeting and/or canvas drop cloths. They should also be able to repair any cracks, holes, or voids in your walls and do minor carpentry repairs to ensure a uniform finish.

Will You Prime Before Painting?

Usually, priming is only necessary if you are painting over oil-based paint, painting over new drywall or wood, or are drastically changing the color of your walls. Any additional costs for priming should be explained and included in the price estimate.

How Many Coats of Paint will be Applied?

While each painting project varies, most interior paint jobs require two coats of paint to cover brush strokes and color changes. If the interior painter tells you two coats of paint will be required, they should honor that quote. If a third coat of paint is required, they should be responsible for covering the additional costs.

Do You Provide a Warranty?

Although not every interior painter in the Bentonville area will guarantee their service, you will want to find one who does. A painter who provides a warranty on their work tells you that they use durable, premium-quality materials, and that they have confidence that their work will last the length of the guarantee.

At 360° Painting of NWA, you can count on our team for superior quality painting. We always move furniture and return it to its proper place after painting. We prime when needed and always include all steps in our detailed estimates. Each painting job we complete is backed by our 2-year guarantee. With 360° Painting of NWA, you’ll get a quality paint job and a stress-free experience.

Contact 360° Painting of NWA today at (479) 332-3766 to learn more about our services. Our interior painters proudly serve homeowners in Bentonville, Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and throughout Northwest Arkansas.