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Deck & Fence Painting Services in Sterling

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Is your deck in need of a facelift? If it’s looking a bit ragged, needs to be cleaned, or you’re simply ready for a new look, 360° Painting has you covered. We are a home painting company that offers deck and fence painting services in Sterling. Whether it needs to simply be repainted or requires a bit more love and care, we’ve got you covered. Our team has a lot of experience and knows how to make your deck the envy of your property.

Reasons to Stain Your Deck

Your deck endures a lot, from weather elements to constant foot traffic, and requires attention every now and then to make sure it holds up long into the future. Constant exposure to UV rays and rain can lead to the wood fading, cracking, splitting, and warping. With proper maintenance, your deck will not only look better, but it will last much longer, as well.

The best way to tell if your deck needs to be painted or treated is with a simple water test. If you sprinkle a few drops of water on the wood and it instantly absorbs, your deck needs to be sealed. Our expert painters can help. We offer sealing, staining, and painting services for decks in Sterling.

Fence Painting

The fence around your home is one of the first things people see as they approach your home. Give a good impression by making sure your fence is always looking its best. Rain, wind, and the sun can do quite a number on your fence and painting or staining it yourself can be a long and tedious task. Our Sterling fence painters have painted countless fences and have a detailed process that will deliver exceptional results.

Stain or Sealer for Your Deck

It’s important that when you are preparing to treat your deck, you choose the best stain or sealer that will repel water, resist mildew, and prevent fading. There are two types of sealer and stains:

  • Water-based finishes tend to be more durable and last longer
  • Oil-based finishes hold their color a bit longer

There are four main categories of sealants and stain. What makes each different is the amount of pigment. The more pigment that is applied, the less the wood grain and texture you’ll be able to see.

  • Clear water repellent offers the most basic protection from water, UV rays, and some mildew. With these stains, you’ll be able to see the grain of the wood clearly, but the wood may start graying within months. Performance: 6 months – 2 years.
  • Tinted water repellent offers a little pigment, and as a result, more sun and water protection with longer-lasting results. If your wood has faded, this stain can help restore a bit of the original color.
  • Semi-transparent stains contain a bit more pigment than tinted water repellent, but still allow the grain of the wood to show through. These also provide more protection against water and UV damage and can last three to four years.
  • Solid stain has the highest pigmentation and provides the most protection for wood. However, it will also cover up the wood grain, allowing only some texture to show through. This stain protects wood for five years or more.

Turn to 360° Painting

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. From start to finish, our Sterling deck painters adhere to a detailed process that ensures the highest quality results. Our attention to detail and our professionalism set us apart from our competitors.

To schedule a service, reach out to us today at (989) 300-0154.

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