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Benefits of Having a Professional Painter Paint Your Home

Should you paint your home yourself or hire a professional painter to do it?

This is a question many homeowners ask. The reason they ask is because of the homeowner’s belief that painting a home is easy and anyone can do it. But you rarely find homeowners asking “should I fix the wiring in my home or get a professional electrician to do it?”

Homeowners know their home’s electrical system is complex. They understand the risks if they try to fix electrical problems by themselves. Similarly, homeowners also appreciate the issues involved with trying to fix a roofing problem with a DIY approach.

But somehow, they don’t think the same way about repainting their homes. Maybe this is because as little children, we loved to play with paint and colors. As a result, even as adults, we still think of painting the home as something fun and easy to do.

But is this true? Is painting your home easy and should you do it by yourself? The best way to answer this question is by first understanding why we paint our homes in the first place. What is the purpose of the paint on the walls of your home?

Why we paint our homes

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There are three main reasons why we paint our homes:

  • Aesthetics: The first and most obvious reason is to improve its appearance. The color of the home is possibly the most important element of its curb appeal. Color is what helps to create visitor’s and passersby’s first impression of the home.
  • Market value: The perception people have of the home determines the value they place on it. The choice of colors and the quality of the paintwork will influence how much buyers are willing to pay for a home. Some colors perform better with prospective buyers and a poor finish will devalue the property, explains Draper Realty.
  • Protect the home: This is the primary and most important reason for painting a home. Houses were originally painted to protect them from the forces of nature and this has not changed. The paint on the walls serves as a barrier to reduce the impact of the sun’s heat. Paint also keeps out moisture, dust, chemicals, and biological agents that damage the home’s surfaces. Quality paintwork reduces the wear and tear and protects the value of a property.

This means that when homeowners make decisions on how to paint their home, they are making choices that will affect its maintenance cost and market value. This is why painting your home should not be viewed as child’s play, but as a job for a professional house painter.

When you hire a professional house painter to paint your home, you reserve certain benefits for yourself. What are the reasons to hire a professional painter to paint your home, rather than undertake the job yourself?

Why your home needs a professional painter

  • Get professional advice that maximizes curb appeal

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Professional painters just don’t understand paint, they know the newest developments in paint technology and current trends in home design. Professional painters can advise you on the color schemes to use for the best results. They also know how to use paint to highlight the best aspects of the home or hide its not-so-good features.

  • They perform structural check-ups

Before a professional painter applies a coat of paint to any surface, they access the condition of the surface and the integrity of the underlying structures. A professional painter will help you detect problems before they become major damage. They ensure that things like rot or mold are not hiding behind the paint and secretly harming your home.

  • They do proper surface preparation

Although the quality of paint used and the expertise of the painter matter, what really determines the quality of the finish and longevity of the paint job is the level of surface preparation. Surface preparation is all the effort that goes into preparing a surface to make sure the paint adheres properly to it. It is more than 40% of the entire painting process and professional painters always do it.

  • They guarantee a quality finish

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When painting a home, the little things matter. Quality paintwork is distinguished by the absence of seemingly minor errors like painting outside spaces, spots, general unevenness, and visible brushstrokes in the finished work. Professional painters know how to paint with clear lines that deliver the best overall effect.

  • Limitless design options

If you paint the home yourself, you are likely to use a very basic design because you may not have the time or skills for more intricate designs. A professional house painter, on the other hand, will give you the ability to paint your home exactly as you want it. They will even work with your interior designer to create very unique patterns.

  • Insurance

Newly painted walls can start to show signs of paint failure and damage shortly after they have been painted. When you paint your home yourself and this happens, you have to pay twice to repaint the wall. But if the job was done by a professional house painter, who is bonded and insured, they will repaint the home at no cost to you, the owner.