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Painting Contractors in Brandon: Which Paint Finish Should I Use?

Deciding to take on a new painting project can be exciting, but also a little stressful. Choosing the paint color alone can take some time, but choosing the right paint finish can present its own challenge. After all, the finish will determine the durability of the paint, how easily it can be touched up later on, and will also affect how the paint color is seen by the naked eye. So how do you go about choosing a paint finish? The painting contractors from 360° Painting® Tampa Bay work with homeowners in the community of Brandon and across the Tampa Bay area on a daily basis, using their years of experience to choose the right finish for every job.

Tips from the Painting Contractors in Brandon

While you may prefer the look of one finish over another, there are practical reasons to consider when choosing a paint finish, including the condition of the surface, how you would like the room to feel, and how the room is being used.

The higher the finish or “sheen” of the paint, the higher its shine and durability. The lower the sheen, the lower its shine and durability. Additionally, paints with sheen reflect light, making rooms appear brighter and lighter, while low or no sheen paints absorb light and tend to make rooms feel cozier.

Choosing the right finish for your Brandon home is as important as picking the right color, and our painting contractors at 360° Painting Tampa Bay can help you choose the finish that’s best for your project:

  • Flat and Matte: These no sheen finishes have a porous surface and absorb light, giving them an almost velvety look. They hide imperfections well and are the easiest finishes to touch up in the future, but they are not as durable and washable as higher sheen finishes. Best for ceilings, home offices, formal dining rooms, adult bedrooms, and foyers.
  • Satin, Silk, Eggshell, and Low-Luster: These are all low sheen finishes. Because they are less porous than flat and matte finishes, they are easier to clean and can withstand some wipe downs and washing, but they won’t camouflage imperfections as well. Best for kids’ bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 
  • Soft-Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Medium-Gloss: These medium sheen finishes are easy to clean and very durable, but have more shine. Because of their higher sheen, they tend to highlight surface flaws and less-than-perfect paint applications. Best for kitchen cabinets, window frames, trim and doors.
  • Gloss, High-Gloss, and Extra-Gloss: These finishes have the highest sheen and are very shiny, so they are rarely used on walls as a whole room color. Because of their hard non-porous surface, they are very easy to clean. Best for furniture, front and back doors, trim, crown moldings, and architectural features.

The painting contractors of 360° Painting Tampa Bay have been assisting Brandon homeowners with paint colors and finishes for years, and have the experience needed for your next project.

Call 360° Painting Tampa Bay today at (866) 496-0092 for a free consultation in your Brandon home with one of our knowledgeable painting contractors.