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Fall Colors and Mother Nature’s Color Palette

Fall-ing for Fall

There’s nothing better than the perfect fall color palette. Crisp air. Fiery oranges and reds that swirl to the ground, contrasting with an electric blue sky. Mother Nature provides an abundance of inspiration for your home this season. Deciding to use this color palette does not make your home “seasonal”, but rather inspires a continuity between nature and abode, as you invite the outdoors in, and benefit from the tried-and-true harmonies that Mother Nature has been gladly displaying for years. If you decide you want to highlight some of the comfortable and calm colors of fall in your house, call 360° Painting at 1-866-99-PAINT. Today, we have some ideas for how to bring these outdoor colors, inside, into your home.

Start on the outside…

To welcome nature into your home, consider painting your front door a rich, fall color. Burnt oranges, maroon reds, golden yellows, and crisp, deep blues make for a stylish ‘welcome’ to your home, no matter the time of year. A fall color palette on this front door contrasts well with the exterior, making a tasteful statement.

Turquoise Door

(Photo Credit: Shutterfool on Flikr)

…and continue inside.

Wall painted orange

(Photo Credit: Martha Stewart)

Throughout the house, look to highlight the fall colors in unexpected ways. Consider focusing on one rich but subtle color,  like marigold, throughout one entire room. Avoid overwhelming colors, and enjoy the elegance of a room that showcases a singular color.


(Photo Credit: Martha Stewart)

Use fall colors as an introduction to a broader theme in your home. Utilizing more natural wood finishes, with abundant greenery and warm textures and patterns, combined with the fall color palette, can give your home a cabin-like glow.

Fall colors aren’t limited just to fiery oranges and yellows — look for the dusky cool evenings to inspire.

Office Space
(Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore)

The “drama” of fall colors, from the electric blue of the noonday sky to the smoky purple dawn, can bring the same effect to your home. Try using smoky, dark walls to make bright accents pop.

Don’t forget the “forgotten” fall colors; fall doesn’t mean just hazy, ember-esque colors, but also includes eye-catching yellows, energetic oranges and cobalt blues. Details like accent walls, window frames interior shelving and even kitchen cabinets are a beautiful, and surprisingly satisfying, contrast with this fall color palette.

Living Room

(Photo Credit: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer)


(Photo Credit: House Beautiful)

Be free with patterns! Fall is full of intricate patterns—The branching of trees suddenly visible as they shed their leaves, twisting pumpkin stems, whispy clouds in crisp, bright skies. Using gentle patterns pays subtle homage to Autumn’s natural template.


(Photo Credit: HGTV)


(Photo credit: HGTV)