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6 Ways To Make Your Small Space Feel Huge

6 ways to make your small space feel hugeAs the Nordic minimalist trend takes hold and more people discover the joy of de-cluttering, people are downsizing. Moving into a smaller, simpler home doesn’t mean that you have to be cramped or crowded! If you know how to decorate, downsizing is all about the benefits of streamlining and minimalizing your life. Or maybe the small space isn’t your preference but a necessity; either way, the question remains: How do you make a small space feel huge? We checked in with the experts at Sherwin-Williams to bring you crucial tips.

1. Look beyond

Your house is so much more than just a kitchen, a bathroom and a bed. Especially with small houses, it is important to recognize that the “experience” of your house begins at first glance. Just like people fall in love at first look, your home has the opportunity to “feel” bigger right from the beginning. Pay attention to your patio, porch or walkway; find ways to extend your color palette to your exterior. Whether through coordinating shutters or matching lights along the walkway, begin your home on the outside.

House Exterior
An example of a well-painted home from Sherwin-Williams

2. Waste no opportunity

In a small house or apartment, there is no space to “waste”. Even the way you store mundane items, like your washcloths and cotton swabs, is an opportunity to add into the theme of your home. The more you incorporate storage into your aesthetic, the more space you’ll feel. Storage won’t “take up space” anymore but will be a crucial piece of the puzzle in your home.

Small Storage Space
Photo Credit: Domino

3. Neutrals are your friend

In a small space, you should avoid extremely bright colors for the simple reason that there is often not enough light to brighten the paint; bold colors in bright spaces can often end up feeling claustrophobic. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use color! Well-placed neutrals, especially when mixed with texture like in this bathroom, add depth to space without overwhelming it.

4. Paint isn’t just for walls

A Sherwin-Williams design expert extended the bright, sunny paint on the walls onto the ceiling by several inches. She said that “tall people stopped ducking when they entered the room” because they assumed that “the color change signaled where walls and ceiling met”. She literally added inches to the walls with this clever paint trick.

Photo Credit: Southern Living

5. Use one color to separate spaces

Signal your eye a change in living space without cutting the space up with false walls or awkwardly placed furniture. Setting aside space for separate use, like this nook by Sherwin-Williams, can be achieved by a clever use of paint.

Living Room
Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams

6. Find a way to connect

Like in this cheery alcove, using one color in different ways can trick the eye into assuming a larger room. The bright green extending as a block on the white wall draws the eye around the room and opens it up while maintaining continuity through color.

Green Alcove
Photo Credit: Sherwin-Williams

Using these simple tips, you can make your small space feel huge with a little creativity, an investment in paint, and your neighborhood painter, 360° Painting. As “tiny homes” rise in popularity, there are many ways to prevent small spaces from feeling claustrophobic. You don’t have to live in a mansion to feel like you’re living in a huge space!