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Our Best Holiday Decorating Tips

Our Best Holiday Decorating Tips

We love this holiday season. We know it can be stressful and crowded and busy and expensive but beyond all of that, we love the possibility of this time of the year. Can’t you feel it? We’re all adults here but we staunchly believe in that early morning tingle or that shiver of hope and expectation when looking at the night stars.

What we’re trying to say is…we believe in holiday magic and we think it’s woven into the air.

Snowy Street
Photo credit: Craig Whitehead

The best part of this holiday magic is that it comes from us. During this season, we see people go out of their ways to care for one another, we see everyone trying to be just a degree kinder, an ounce more patient. We create the magic of the season, through our actions and our decorations. Kids placing the star on the top of the tree, neighbors helping neighbors string lights on their front porches, moms, grandmas, dads, and uncles hard at work in the kitchen to create that season-long infused-cinnamon aroma: how we decorate adds to the magic.

Our favorite holiday decorating tips are all motivated by this kind of magic, the kind of magic that brings us together as communities, neighborhoods, schools, offices, and families.

We love the idea of having a dark background to really reflect the “merry and bright” aspects of the season. Plus isn’t it time you treated yourself and your home to a makeover? Dark colors like Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black look incredible placed behind or next to bright colors and make anything hung on the walls really pop. 360° Painting are your neighbors – we’ll work with you to bring this color to your home.

House Interior
This is Tricorn Black from the Pottery Barn x Sherwin Williams collaboration collection.

Plus the holiday season wouldn’t be the same without greenery and fresh decorations, no?

This is a time-honored tradition that brings the naturally winter-resistant deciduous trees and berries into your home. Think of clever places to arrange your greenery – go beyond the railings and mantles and put greenery in unexpected places. Pops of greenery in small vases around the house, from the hallway bathroom to the dinner table, carry a sense of cheer throughout the whole home.

Stockings on a mantle
Photo Credit: Wesley Tingey

When hosting guests, or to add festive cheer for your family dinners, tie sprigs of fir trees to rolled napkins for a quick-and-easy level-up on your dinner game. Our favorite decoration tip is to take floating-candle vases and sprinkle in a healthy handful of red berries. The striking combination of floating candles and bright red berries is a perfect centerpiece.

Candle on a Table
Photo Credit: Mariana B

There are many different religious traditions that celebrate this season. A common theme is the use of light and candles. These represent sparks of joy and hope, even in the dark winter nights. Be generous with candles throughout your home, whether they’re electric or not as a sign of unity through all of our many different traditions.

Photo Credit: Anthony Deloi

When people gather together they create holiday magic! Go beyond your own home and bring a little cheer elsewhere. Start a fun game in the neighborhood by “wrapping” your neighbor’s door in wrapping paper and a big bow. Make sure to use painter's tip that won’t damage the door! Leave a small bowl of candy or seasonal baked goods with a note to “pay it forward” by doing the same thing to another neighbor! What a fun way to decorate the neighborhood while spreading holiday cheer.

We hope that some of these tips can help to make your season particularly merry and bright. Now you can experience the wonderful magic of the season!