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Fall in “Love” With Your Home All Over Again

Fall in love with your home (all over again)

February can be a tough month. The thrill of a winter wonderland has turned into the mundane reality of shoveling polluted snow. The middle of winter is full of short days, weak sunlight and bitter temperatures, no matter where you are. February is the winter doldrums, in between the festivities of the New Year and the hope of spring. But maybe that’s why there’s a whole day, in the middle of February, in the middle of the winter, to remind us of the importance of love. So this Valentine’s Day, embrace the opportunity to shake yourself free of Jack Frost’s icy grip and step into a pink reprieve.

In this love-filled break from the winter, take the opportunity to think about ways you can “fall in love” with your home all over again. And 360° Painting is happy to play Cupid, delivering professional results at reasonable prices. Cupid—oops, we mean 360° Painting—is available at (866) 496-0092 for your free estimate.

  1. Roses are Red, Violets are blue. Try a new color, what a great hue!

Did you know that new hues are constantly being rolled out by companies like PPGSherwin William, and Benjamin Moore? You’re not limited to just eggshell white and sunshine yellow; color inspiration is found everywhere. So take that beautiful Valentine’s card you’ve just received and color match to that vibrant pink hue using Sherwin Williams ColorSnap or the PPG Voice of Color mobile app.Yellow Door

  1. Say “Be Mine” to a new door color

The best way to spread Valentine’s love

is painting a bright door

the neighbors will write of

Something to make their hearts soar.

Bright blue, calming pink,

360° Painting is just a call away.

A welcome that is sure to stick,

A welcome door to make their day.

  1. “L” is for the way you LOOK at me, “O” is for the only ONE I see, “V” is VERY VERY extraordinary, “E” is even more ACCENT WALLS for you to adore.

Do you know the way that a song can get stuck in your head for days? Make the same lasting impression in your home with a tasteful accent wall. An accent wall can break up big space, making it more intimate, and providing a natural focal point in the room. It can also tie together various pieces of furniture by harmonizing the colors of the couch and cushions or carry over themes from the kitchen to the living room. No matter the purpose, the feature is sure to make a statement.

PPG Accent Wall