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7 Easy Ways to Transform Your Drab Attic

7 easy ways to transform your drab attic

The attic can feel out of touch with the rest of the house.

Too often your attic becomes a universal dumping ground, space where everything, from old clothes to broken dishes, gets relegated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Often with a fresh coat of paint or a bold wallpaper, your attic can be turned into a retreat, or add a useful room, whether its your own or a guest room, to your house.

  1. This retro attic comes from a British couple that painstakingly restored their historic English manor in Hertfordshire. They kept the natural beams (a trend that you’ll see a lot in this article!) and chose a vintage-esque pattern for the walls to maintain a sense of history. But they painted the traditional bathtub a non-traditional color which we love as a way to tie in the wallpaper colors, bring out the natural color in the wood floor and playfully modernize the traditional bathtub. The whole attic balances and combines antique and modern.
Attic space with bathtub

(Photo Credit: Design Sponge)

  1. In what can only be described as a “mod” space, this attic flips the traditional color schemes and uses the warmth of the natural wood walls to add character to the space. Portland-based designer Jessica Helgerson used the white chandelier and simple, white bedroom furnishings, to draw lines from ceiling to floor, creating an open, comfortable bedroom that will be difficult to leave, especially on rainy Oregon days.
Attic Bedroom
(Photo Credit: Design Sponge)
  1. New York Architect David Hotson designed an artistic funhouse called “Skyhouse” that is nestled at the summit of an early Manhattan skyscraper. The entire penthouse is filled with odd features like a metal slide that goes down four floors and dramatic geometric cut-outs on the walls. We liked this attic nook the best; the fresh mint-green color makes the day bed nestled in this attic even cozier.
Attic Space
(Photo Credit: DeZeen)
  1. An attic often showcases the “bones” of the house, more so than other parts of your home. Embrace the rustic image of your wooden slats and beams by painting them white, adding teal accents like this attic bedroom, and pretending you can smell salt on the breeze in your faux-beach bungalow.
Attic bedroom
(Photo Credit: Coastal Living)
  1. Transforming your unused attic space can be a great way to give your kids more space as they grow up. An attic playroom, especially with this whimsical star-patterned paint, can be the space for growth and imagination for your kids (it can also give you a much-deserved break!).
Attic playroom
(Photo Credit: My Domaine)
  1. Attics often suffer from lack of light, relying only on skylights to illuminate the upper floor. Keeping a simple color scheme, white, make the most of the little sunlight you have, and, if maintained throughout all the furnishings, can be a very modern space.

    Bed in Attic

    (photo credit: Romain Ricard)

  1. And finally, this wonderful loft bedroom from Architectural Digest Spain combines the best of all the elements we’ve highlighted. Artist Nuria Mora kept the natural wood beams while using white to illuminate the space.
(Photo Credit: AD España)

Now that you’re inspired, go out and clean up your attic, turning it into that extra room you’ve always wanted. Remember, 360° Painting has your back when you’d like to use any of these ideas.