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Spring Cleaning: Freshen Up Your Walls

Spring Cleaning Tips: Freshen Up Your Walls Info graphicOpen up the windows, sweep out the dust and let the fresh air in! Freshen up, it’s SPRING! This season just quivers with potentiality and new life; make sure to invite that vitality and newness of spirit into your home. The best compliment to your spring cleaning is a clean wall. Sparkling new exterior trim, clean baseboards and a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen can make your whole home feel new.

Use the colors of life and vitality on your walls this spring by taking inspiration from nature.

Make a splash with dramatic palettes, colors that only nature could imagine bringing together, so coordinated that you can only imagine not using them in your house.

Spring Color Palette

The colors of these wildflowers contrast beautifully with the azure sky and icy lake; Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap allows you to translate this tranquil scene directly into your living room.

Experiment with shades. In a single petal, midnight blue fades into the lightest, most delicate shade of songbird blue; the range of a single color is showcased in all its glory in unassuming spring flowers.

Blue Color Palette

Re-create nature’s magic in your home by choosing to tie your rooms together by playing with different variations on the same blue. The precision of PPG’s Color Match allows you to follow the gradation of color within a single petal to copy the carefully detailed projects of Mother Nature.

Let the light in!

Yellow Spring Color Palette

Much of the glory of spring is due to the extra sunshine that nourishes all of Mother Nature, humans included. Invite the sunshine into your home; painting bright colors multiply the natural light. Studies have proven that more natural light is good for your mental health so consider this tip “doctor’s orders”!

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