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6 D-I-Y Projects that are a D-I-DON’T

6 D-I-Ys that are a D-I-Don'tD-I-Y projects are more dangerous than you think! We all know how tempting it can be to take the fate of your home into your own hands. The pros on TV make it look so possible, like such a fun way to spend a weekend. But there’s a reason there are experts who handle painting; there are many details, from choosing types of paint to finding a perfect color to knowing what type of finish to use, to the basics of how to paint that the experts are…well, an expert at!

Here’s a couple D-I-Y FAILS that’ll make you say “Whew! I’m glad I trusted the professionals!”

  1. There is a rhyme and rhythm to the way that paint professionals paint a room. Their goal is to create a smooth wall, with no obvious brush strokes. THIS room is being painted without a pattern and will show the messy brushstroke pattern.

Woman painting a wall green

  1. Scrolling through Pinterest yields a million great ideas (and if you’re looking for more, check out our Pinterest page at but unfortunately, reality does not always match Pinterest-expectations. This gingham wall could look great…but unfortunately ends up poorly!
Painted walls
Left: Pinterest Right: Photo Credit: Sarah and Brandson Sollars
  1. Painting different surfaces require different techniques, different paints, and different conditions. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss these differences and subtleties, like this failed D-I-Y door from Brushstrokes and discoloration, oh my!
Door painted red
Photo Credit:
  1. We pay attention to the details! Especially when painting your kitchen cabinets; every nook and cranny is crucial! These kitchen just don’t cut it for your home.

Painted cabinet door

  1. We don’t skimp on the quality of paint and neither should you! Good paint, like Sherwin-Williams, will last for years, will hold its color and will even repel stains. Not all paint companies, and not all painters, always use the best “stuff”. But with 360° Painting you can rest assured about the quality of our paints! There’s a lot that goes into painting to make sure your paint lasts; from choosing the right paint to priming your surface, leave the details to the professionals.

Paint pealing off a cabinet door

  1. And finally, you have a LOT going on in your life; from kids to jobs to all the things that go into making your life run, we know that you don’t need the weight of another “To Do”! Simplify your life and call 360° Painting.

Kids making a mess with paint Paint mess in van trunk