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Color Prediction 2019: Metallics

This is potentially our favorite color prediction. METALLICS.

metallic design ideas with text that says 2019 color prediction metallics

As detailed in our post about the ICFF, the international furniture and design fair, natural materials are being swapped out and combined with metallic ones. This trend is representative of how 2019 will be driven by the need to evolve. From tradition to innovation, metallics represent both a disruption and a continuation. The way metallic colors and sheens are being used is representative of this general zeitgeist.

Metallics are being incorporated into objects that are traditionally made of natural materials.

We noticed a particular relationship with leather, like boots and purses, but we also saw a change in the very traditional materials of wedding gowns shifting to metallic. We liked how many of these companies didn’t fully replace traditional materials with metallic — these are a mix of both leather and metallic or tweed and metallic.

runway fashion with metallic features

L-R: Chanel, Coach and Jenny Packham

In fact, once we started noticing metallic materials we saw it everywhere. There were whispers of it on the runway in Fall 2018 but it started expanded into nearly every designer. Seriously, from men’s wear to women’s gowns, metallics are present in the fabric, in the detailing and in the design. This is a small sampling of men and women’s fashion beginning in Spring 2017 and extending into the Spring 2019 lines.

Runway models wearing metallic fashion

Top L-R: Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Elie Saab
Bottom L-R: Feng Chen Wang, Chanel, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren

Metallic hues have begun to make the shift to the home. We think this will inspire both paint colors and finishes. Neutrals like gold and silver will become more popular and highly-reflective glossy finishes are going to be used to make any color shine.

We are already seeing metallics used to contrast with saturated dark colors; bright gold, brassy and silver hardware looks crisp and clean in contrast with these colors.

Interior designer laura medicus kitchen design

This kitchen from Laura Medicus Interiors uses metallic hardware and appliances to balance the bold with a touch of sleek modernity.

white kitchen with brass lamps

The brass lamps in this kitchen from Lonny uses a similar color scheme as the kitchen above but draws the eye upwards with vaguely industrial-style hooded lamps.

Using metallic elements can unify a room and create a pleasing aesthetic.

We love how there is a straight line from ceiling to floor via the hanging metallic light fixture, the wall-anchored light and the bar cart. Without being overwhelming, these metallic touches create a “uniform” that fits the room together.

metallic decor details against a white wall

Photo from Design Sponge

But the trend will expand beyond just hardware and will be present in paint and wallpaper patterns. It represents a partial return to the gilded Art Deco-era with a touch of the 31st century.

Gold detailed bathroom space

This bathroom from Domino mixes futuristic elements with classical geometric shapes, perfectly balanced with natural hints like these oversized palm leaves.

Patterns will incorporate gold and silver metallics, making the dark colors pop. Mixing metallic with matte adds a lovely sense of depth in wallpaper.

gold and brown decorated room with metallic decor

Photo Credit: Domino

We’re totally into this trend that is simultaneously glitzy and understated. What do you think? Do you want to bring both tradition and innovation into your home? Not sure if this would look good in your home? Book a free consultation with 360° Painting before you decide. With us you can have peace of mind as you re-do your home.