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Color Prediction 2019: Yellow

Yellow lemons, yellow train line and a yellow outdoor facade with the text that says 2019 color prediction yellowAs we’ve talked about in previous posts (hereherehere & here), color predictions are a major factor in the design world and often contribute to the interior design styling trends that we follow throughout the year. As an example, 2017 was year all about minimalism. The Sherwin-Williams 2017 Color of the Year was “Poised Taupe”, an understated beige. Whereas in 2018 minimalism slowly began to edged out by maximalism. The Sherwin-Williams 2018 Color of the Year was “Oceanside”, exactly as bold and outspoken as the maximalist style is.

We covered where the influences for the 2019 colors are coming from but now we’re going to focus on colors that we think will make up the 2019 color palette.

First up: bright, cheery yellow.

Bright yellow will become more sophisticated and authentic as opposed to being regarded as fake and plastic. In response to the dark, heavy colors of 2018, and the often-heavy news reports of war and natural disaster, people will instinctively turn to this color.

What does yellow mean?

The color has been scientifically proven to lift moods and improve dispositions. It is associated with cheer but has been overused to a point of inauthenticity. This year, yellow will be used in true shades, like mustard and saturated, which will make it an earnest and hard-working color.

We’re already seeing yellow everywhere we look.

While purple is traditionally the color of royalty, it looks like yellow might be supplanting that this year. the Duchesses Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wore it in July while the semi-royal Amal Clooney wore a delightful mustard yellow to Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry.

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Amal Clooney wearing different yellow dresses

This color will be used as an accent in homes

We think this deep saturated color won’t be taking over any rooms but it will be used as an accent. It will bring joy to rooms (and homes!) that need it. This example from Lulu and Georgia demonstrates how, even when patterned, yellow adds a cheerful yet anchoring pop to darker colors and patterns.

Small child with balloons and checkered wallpaper background

Photo Credit: Lulu and Georgia

Or in this Sicilian dinnerware collection from Williams Sonoma we see how the overall pattern is buoyed by the darker, yet still-saturated, colors of yellow.

hand painted sicilian dinnerware

Photo: Williams Sonoma Sicily Dinnerware

Bright  baskets like this one from Domino are great choices because they’re easily-movable and paired with all different kinds of patterns and colors. Feel free to change it up as much as you want to keep it fresh both indoors and out.

mustard yellow woven basket with towels in it

And of course, this authentic mustard-inspired yellow would look great on your walls! As we said, it would be an accent like in this example from Domino. It’s not an accent wall. Rather, the lower half of the wall is painted yellow while the top is a neutral white. We love this combination; the color is saturated and decorates the wall, rather than making it too loud.

yellow wall with table and vases with flowers

What do you think? Is the world in need of a cheery, unabashed yellow? Will you be incorporating this authentic shade into your home this year? If you decide to, make sure to call the experts to install it. 360° Painting loves bringing a pop of cheer to your home or office.