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Bathroom Goals

Bathroom Goals

Bathrooms are a place of privacy, of intimacy right? It’s where you can’t see anyone and no one can see you. This formula might work for some people but it’s definitely not the steadfast rule! Some people opt for open bathrooms that flow with the home, bathrooms big enough to hold parties in, and even bathrooms with incredible views.

Even if you don’t like the idea of having an expansive view while in your own, private bathroom, these examples are still beautiful works of architecture and design! And some of the bathrooms may seem like a bit “much” for your subtle tastes, but going through these “bathroom goals” is a great way to spark creativity. Maybe there’s one aspect of these bathrooms that you like – whether the color scheme or the wood staining. Just one detail from these fantastic bathrooms can help you create your own personal “bathroom goal.” No matter what your inspiration is, you know just the right paint company to trust to bring your bathroom dreams to life! Set up your free consultation with your local 360° Painting today.

The Maximalist


A “maximalist” bathroom utilizes patterns, textures, shapes, and colors “to the max.” This style trend focuses on creating an immersive, bold experience instead of looking to highlight only one or two things. The overall effect is a big dose of personality and a great example of a fundamentally un-boringness room!

The Spa

Bathtub in front of patterned tile
(Regan Baker Design)

There’s another theory when designing the perfect bathroom: create a spa. The Moroccan-blue tiles in this wonderful design don’t take over the room – they’re contained to one wall – and instead of overwhelming the space, they actually highlight the unique aspects of this bathroom. The high ceilings with architectural slope and the beautiful, simple bathtub both are brought to the forefront. This is a private space where you can really relax!

The Grand Entrance

Bathtub in front of white tiled wall
Ashe Leandro

Everyone has different ideas about what they want out of their bathroom. Some people want a hidden retreat and others want a grand entrance. This bathroom from Ashe Leandro is definitely the latter. With glass (!) doors and a black frame, the simplicity of the clean, white bathroom stands out. This is for all those who want to make a grand entrance in their long robes, like the kings and queens they really are.

The Squeaky Clean

Bathroom Counter
Amber Interiors

Sometimes the best look for a bathroom is a reflection of the bathroom ethos: a bathroom should be clean and sparkling! This simple yet beautifully realized bathroom isn’t boring because of the depth of textures like the boards on the wall that create depth and engage your eye. Plus the floor’s classical pattern doesn’t overwhelm the space but rather works well with the simple white color scheme.

The Farmhouse

Bathroom Sink and counter
Joanna Gaines + Magnolia

And our final bathroom goal is this updated-farmhouse, sometimes called “farmhouse chic,” that is the perfect guest bathroom! It welcomes whomever steps in it. The perfect mix of materials (wood + subway tile + brass + straw) keeps the space both clean and interesting. The unique lighting fixtures go a long way toward completing this farmhouse look proving that, once again, your entire home depends on the details you decide on. That may mean spending an extra-long time deciding what shade of blue to paint your porch — no matter the matter, 360° Painting understands that to build the perfect home, patience and a positive attitude are necessary!

Attention to details is the modus operandi of 360° Painting. We cover all angles to ensure that your vision of a bathroom becomes reality. Just like those lightbulbs make the whole bathroom shine, 360° Painting pays attention to every detail.

Give us a call today to bring the inspiration from these bathrooms to life in your home!