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Paint Tips for Pet Owners

Paint Tips for Pet Owners“Fur baby”, “apple of my eye”, “treasure”: whatever you call them, pets are often the MIR (Most Important Resident) in your home.

Homeowners often want to make sure they choose a paint that not only fits their house but also fits their home – all of the things that make a place your own. This, obviously, includes pets.

The first thing to consider is that our pets, especially our dogs, have keen senses of smell. You wouldn’t want to choose a paint that bothers your pet’s sniffer! Look for paint that is designated as “pet safe” or are either low or no VOCs. “VOC” means “Volatile Organic Compounds” and is what gets released into the air when you paint. VOCs can cause headaches and dizziness. A low or no VOC paint releases either few or no harmful chemicals into the air.

We would suggest going with Sherwin-Williams Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex because not only is it a zero VOC formula but it also has microbial elements that help kill odor-causing bacteria. This would be great to keep your pup and your home happy.

When 360° Painting is doing the work, make sure to bring up your concerns about your pet with the team.

The most important first step is to keep products out of reach. Accidental ingestion is the most dangerous part for your pet. In fact, it’s a pretty good idea to just keep pets out of the room entirely. If you talk with the 360° team before they begin painting, they can give you a timeline so you can plan ahead for how to distract your fur babies and keep them out of the painting space.

They’ll be able to work with you to ensure the proper precautionary measures are taken to keep your pets safe.

It’s good for everyone to make sure and ventilate the room – the 360° painting professionals are up-to-date and aware of any potential painting hazards, including of the need to ventilate. Because pets can get sick if they ingest paint even when it is drying, paint furniture outdoors. This make it easier for you to protect your pets from themselves! (e.g. they won’t be able to chew on any table legs!) And it’s always a good idea to monitor your pets’ conditions throughout the painting process. If anything appears off – if they get lethargic, stop eating or display any unusual behavior, make sure they haven’t had exposure to the paint!

After your pets’ safety, you’ll want to figure out what colors will work best with them!

Choose a calming color that will help them nap through the day. This lovely lilac bedroom makes the perfect cat-nap zone.

Cat on a bed

Go with a color on the same palette as your dog’s coat. These puppers (and their accessories!) belong in this sweet country cottage.

Two dogs

If you can, incorporate some fun things for your pet to enjoy in your home. Things tall and challenging have a way of really stimulating your cats.

Cat on a Shelf

And if you are really dedicated to furry little ones, you could even choose a color palette that fits with their coat color. This bedroom from Apartment Therapy stays within a perfect color range of their two dogs’ silvery coats.

Dogs on a bed

Call (866) 496-0092 to make sure that your home and your pets get the best paint service possible! 360° Painting always has your back.