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PBteen + Sherwin-Williams

Pb Teen Info graphicOne of the joys of growing up is being able to create your own space. Working with your teenagers to design their own rooms is a great learning experience—they can practice useful skills like budgeting. Plus, they’ll sharpen their design-eye and learn how colours go together in a space. Take our word on this: this author is speaking from personal experience and still adores the PBteen furnishings she personally picked out 20+ years ago!

Sherwin-Williams paired up with PBteen to make this process an enjoyable experience by creating a paint colour palette that coordinates with PBteen furnishings. Give your teen’s room a kick of colour! PBteen’s Fall/Winter 2018 paint palettes make it easy to create the perfect room or lounge space to fit your teen’s style. From softer colours to rich, bold hues, each colour combination coordinates perfectly with a variety of our furniture collections and accessories. Your teen can pick their own palette and have some fun!

Here are some of our favorite, inspiring ideas:

Messenger Bag SW 7740


For the teen who is looking for a sense of calm in what can be a turbulent period of time, Messenger Bag SW 7740 is the perfect colour to bring zen and tranquility to his or her bedroom. Teenagers are much more aware of the mind-body connection and many practice yoga or meditation as ways to navigate an over-stimulating world. This colour creates the perfect safe space for them to relax, renew and reflect on the day. Creating these habits as a teenager is a good practice for continuing them in the rush of growing up.

Charming Pink SW 6309 | Bracing Blue SW 6242 | Tricorn Black SW 6258

Office, Bedroom, and living room

All three of these colours are packed with different personalities – from sincere and thoughtful to analytical and progressive, there are so many ways that teenagers can express the many different parts of themselves through the endless colour opportunities. We love that the paint colours effortlessly compliment the furnishings: note how the shape of the green chair evokes a 1950’s atmosphere that, paired with Charming Pink SW 6309, gives a sense of timeless class to this room. Or how Bracing Blue SW 6242 picks up on small details in the bed’s comforter. The opportunities are endless.

With all of these choices, teens are able to create the most unique space possible for their personal retreat. Trust only the professionals to make sure that their space becomes their own. Call 1-866-99-PAINT today for your free consultation. Our painters work with you to create a space all your own.