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5 Paint Projects to Spice Up Your Home

Painting is one of the easiest ways to instantly modify the mood of your room. And you don’t necessarily need to repaint your walls to get the transformative power of paint. These five paint projects are simple, but their payoff is huge.

1. Paint your baseboards

It can be easy to forget about them, but your baseboards are a vital part of your home, and sprucing them up can reinvigorate an entire room. Restoring the baseboards to their original dazzling white or mixing it up and adding dramatic, dark baseboards can make a room feel brand-new.

2. Cabinets

Instead of the time and hassle of swapping out your boring cabinets for the newest style, try painting them a crisp white or a fun new color that makes cooking less drab and draws the whole family to the kitchen.

3. Inside of the bookshelves

Add depth and dimension to your built-in bookshelves by hiding a splash of bold color in the background. The added color makes the shelves pop and can subtly revitalize your entire room and color-scheme.

4. Patterned accent wall

Looking for something unusual to set your dining room apart? Hoping to wow your guests the next time you host a dinner? Try a patterned wall with a fresh color combination.

5. Different wall colors

Adding in a complementary color can make a room more dynamic and draw together the color palette of each room. Plus, your eye will be drawn to the odd wall out, which can be a great way to elongate your space or pull attention to a focal piece.

Inspired by these ideas? Call us today at 1-866-99-PAINT to get started on these creative paint projects that can make all the difference in your home.