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A House Painter’s Picks for Your 4th of July Deck

July is a time to celebrate summer, independence, and personal freedoms. And what better way to express those personal freedoms than to give your deck a fresh coat of paint? 

The weather in July makes it an ideal time to kick things into gear and get some exterior painting done. It can make your deck look brand-new, just in time for the summer festivities! Here’s what professional painters say is on the table for exterior and deck painting this July.

Warm, Natural Tones

Bring the brightness of summer to your deck year-round by painting it a warm but natural honey color. This option is excellent if you want to paint your deck but still want it to have that authentic wood look. Redwood is another stunner among the deck stains. While it doesn’t have the brightness that honey tones carry, it’s highly effective at making green spaces look even more lush and beautiful.

Classy, Classic White

White is best when paired with brick or colored siding, but it’s such a classic color that it can go with virtually anything! It’s also a great choice if you’re still designing the patio, as it offers some flexibility with the types of furniture or decor you want to add. White deck stain gives a similar brightness to natural wood tones but is universally complimentary if you don’t want wood designs to clash.

Go Bold

Summer and fun are synonymous, so if you’re up for it, house painters see many homeowners opt for bolder color choices like greens, reds, or blues. A word of caution: no matter how much you fall in love with a certain color at first sight, test it before you commit to covering your deck in it.

Professional House Painters, Professional Results

Are you ready to update your deck this summer? View your deck in a new light with bold, beautiful colors from the house painters at 360° Painting. We offer painting and deck staining services to prepare your outdoor space for warm-weather gatherings. Contact us at 1-866-99-PAINT to learn more or schedule your services.