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How to Celebrate the 4th of July with Your Home

The fun, excitement, and good feelings of the 4th of July can be part of your home, all year long. Use the red, white, and blue of the American flag as a dynamic and striking color combination throughout your home’s interior. By incorporating various shades and tones, you can integrate these colors within your home year-round through a modern yet historical palette.

Red: (Salute-SW 7582)

Red is a bold but rewarding color choice. A vibrant shade can invigorate a room while a deeper maroon can make an assertive statement. Because of its intensity, many homeowners can be intimidated by the thought of using it on their walls. Although finding the correct shade of red is sometimes challenging, when done correctly, it creates an incredible burst of color.

For those reluctant to paint an entire room with this daring option, red can work very well as an accent wall. A playful, candy apple color functions well alongside black and white patterns. A more mature wine-red complements a soft beige and warm, earthy browns.

Red also acts as a great accent color. We love Salute (SW 7582) by Sherwin-Williams for a front door because it contributes a vibrant pop. Adding red through pieces of art on your walls can help imbue personality to a more understated room.

White: (White Flour-SW 7102)

As the most neutral option, white can be used in a variety of ways. It is an easy color to pair alongside and it excels at making smaller rooms feel bigger. When choosing a shade of white, pay attention to the light that a room receives. Using a highly reflective sheen or one with cooler tones can make a room feel sterile and harsh during the day. Gravitating towards shades with creamier hues can help make a room warmer and more inviting. White Flour (SW 7102) by Sherwin-Williams is a modern yet genial shade of white that would work great in a living room.

White works perfectly on trim and can instantly make a home look more expensive. Repainting the exterior trim of your home with a classic ivory can give it a transformative facelift and really make your walls and windows pop!

Blue: (Distance-SW 6243)

Blue is a very versatile color that can be used throughout the house. A deep navy adds a sense of gravity to a room and can play well off wood or leather furniture. Lighter blues, from robins egg to periwinkle, are perfect choices for softer aesthetics and complement a range of pastels. Distance (SW 6243) by Sherwin-Williams is a somber blue that would contribute the serious feel perfect for a study.

Blue can be used in almost any room of the house; from bedrooms, to bathrooms, to offices. Be sure to mix it up by using different shades. Keep it interesting by adding in texture through art prints or patterned furniture. Many shades of blue work wonderfully alongside rusted oranges and buttercup yellows to liven up a more reserved room.

Whether you decide to repaint your dining room with a bold firehouse red or simply want to freshen up your home’s exterior with crisp white paint on the trim, make sure to contact 360° Painting. We offer free design consultations so that your home can look its best. Contact today at 1-866-99-PAINT.