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How to Protect Your Home This Winter

The temperatures may just now be dipping below freezing, but now is the time to start preparing your home for the icy winds, freezing rain, and mounds of snow that test the fortitude of your home. With 360° Painting on your side, and PPG Paints expert advice for how to protect your home, you and your home can hibernate until spring.

Paint protects your home.

Painting your trim, deck, shutters, and door is important to prepare for the winter. According to Jenny Burroughs, senior marketing manager at PPG, paint is more than just an aesthetic addition. Jenny says, “paint serves the important purpose of protecting a structure. When exterior surfaces like wood and concrete are exposed to harsh weather elements like sun, rain, and snow, or painted with paint that is not high quality and durable, they begin to break down and deteriorate. Paint serves as a protective layer from these elements, helping to keep the substrate intact.”

For protective paint, trust the experts.

Additionally, it is important to use the right kind of paint. High-quality paint, like PPG Paints Timeless Exterior Paint, is suitable for application down to 35° F/2°C. “It’s important to note that paints suitable for application down to 35°F/2°C require that surface and air temperature remain above this temperature for 12-24 hours,” says Jenny. “Additionally, moisture challenges can include heavy dew in the morning, rain and snow. Early moisture and insufficient temperatures can cause issues with drying, adhesion and color uniformity.” It is crucial to use professional painters and professional paint to account for all these variables.

So stock up on firewood and hot cocoa as the winter approaches, and don’t forget to give 360 ° Painting a call at 1-866-99-PAINT to prepare your home for the worst.

Originally published October 2017.

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