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How to Use Color to Boost Productivity

The colors in your home, in your office, and your life have a significant impact on your well-being.

The new year creates an opportunity for self-improvement and goal setting. Whether your resolutions are career-oriented, fitness-related, or anything in between, the right headspace for productivity begins with your environment.

Set yourself up for success by choosing colors that work for you. Blue is a stimulating color, and red energizes your metabolism! Yellow grabs your attention and can stimulate your creative juices. Green helps fight fatigue. When you choose to paint your office, your home, your kid’s rooms, consider the utility of color in the places you want to be more productive this year.

1. Caliente Benajmin Moore

The 2018 Benajmin Moore Color of the Year is a bold, striking color with vitality that will spark the energy and boldness in any space. As a stimulating color, red is the perfect choice for a home office for employees of high-energy industries or a home gym.

2.Aegean Teal Benjamin Moore

This calming blue invokes relaxation and reflection, which is just the energy Benjamin Moore wants to channel into 2021 with their Color of the Year. A soothing color like blue is the perfect environment for a home office designed to increase concentration and productivity.

3. Tarnished Trumpet Sherwin-Williams

Yellow boosts creativity, so a yellow wall makes a bright backdrop in any room you want to be inspired. Tarnished Trumpet SW 9026 is from the Encounter palette from the Sherwin-Williams Colormix 2021 forecast.

4. Gargoyle PPG Paints

And one final hue to round out the list: Gargoyle, a glass bottle green with a viney undertone. This earthy color is from the PPG Be True 2021 Paint Color Palette, designed to celebrate artistry and authenticity. Since green evokes a calm efficiency, this capable color is an excellent choice for your work-from-home space.

The best way to start a productive year is to bring these colors into your home. 360° Painting is committed daily to productivity, efficiency, and professionalism. Give us a call at 866-99-PAINT and start the year off right!