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Epoxy Garage Floor Best Practices

A Local Painting Company Dedicated To Perfecting Epoxy Garage Floors in Gastonia, NC and surrounding areas.

We at 360° Painting of Gastonia-Rock Hill know that you have choices. We appreciate the faith you have placed in us. Our goal is to provide the highest level of excellence in customer experience that we can. Once you’ve chosen to invest in a high-quality and long-lasting epoxy coating for your garage floor, you expect this to be what you receive. These best practices ensure this is what you receive.
Quality and long-lasting epoxy garage floors require several vital steps, starting with Preparation. In addition, we will use only the highest-quality Industrial Level Materials. We do not use consumer retail materials in our application.

  1. Test and confirm that no water is coming through the concrete foundation/floor at any locations, especially cracks.
  2. If any leaks occur, these must be sealed before application. An Epoxy coating will fail at the point of water/moisture leak, no matter how high the material quality.
  3. Apply any crack repairing materials to any garage cracks. A high-quality epoxy crack repair material is the preferred crack repair material.
  4. Remove the top layers of Concrete, including any concrete sealings or coatings, and oil that may have leaked from an automobile.
  5. These layers are removed through “etching,” which may be performed using a diamond-cutting machine or a chemical process.
  6. Clean the surface of any waste remaining from the etching process.
  7. Apply Two Coats of Epoxy to the Concrete. This ensures a solid and consistent colored epoxy.
  8. Apply any colored paint chips, if so desired, to the surface using special spiked shoes.
  9. Let the surface dry thoroughly per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  10. Sweep off any loose paint chips before applying the clear coat.
  11. Should the customer wish to avoid having a slipper surface SharkGrip should be mixed into the clear coat before application.
  12. Apply the clear coat. Sometimes a second clear coat may be necessary to ensure the proper thickness is achieved per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  13. Surface should not be used for 78 hours after the final application of the clear coat.

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