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Going Bold in Small Spaces

One of my very favorite interior painting projects is to make a big impact in a small space with color!

green wall painting

The old myth that deep tones make a room feel smaller is simply that. Deep tones can create depth when used on an accent wall, provide pure saturation of a small space like a bathroom, or create a real wow for your visitors in an entry.

The best part about using bold paint colors in your small spaces is the ease. Because it is a small project or area it is easier to change later and does not require a huge paint investment. Here are a few more things to keep in mind when going BOLD:

  1. Be sure the color you choose coordinates well with the other colors nearby. For example, if it is an accent or entry wall your painting, the adjoining walls should be a lighter, neutral tone to really allow that accent color to pop. If you are painting a small room like a bath or sitting area, you will want to make sure the rooms nearby do not clash with your new color.
  2. Be sure to use matte or flat paint finish. Matte is best for bathrooms and high traffic areas and flat can be used on other walls. Both finishes provide better coverage, and any other finish may have a glare and distort the color.
  3. Choose a color you love! Ideally, you can select a color from something that is already in the space, like a rug or accent pillow or even your wall art. Doing so will help bring the room together and create balance.

Here are a few suggestions, photos courtesy of Sherwin Williams:

bathroom painted blue

Bold design- gray bedroom