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Deck Staining in Apex, NC

Our Local Painters Will Protect And Perfect Your Outdoor Space With Our Deck Staining In Apex, Chapel Hill, NC and Surrounding Areas

To enhance your deck’s appearance and longevity, you want to clean and seal it. Neglected decks can fade, crack, split, and warp due to UV rays and rain. Maintained decks look better and last longer. Our deck staining services are multi-day projects that involve cleaning and waiting before sealing. While you can do it alone, consider using 360° Painting’s professional deck staining in Apex, NC, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas for ease.

Perform a water test to gauge the wood’s sealer absorption. Sprinkle water on the deck: immediate absorption indicates sealing need while beading suggests potential treatment exists. Our comprehensive deck staining services provide what is necessary for your deck.

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Choosing a Stain or Sealer for Your Deck

Choose a deck stain or sealant that resists water, mildew, and fading in high-traffic areas. Sealers and stains are oil- or water-based. Oil-based coatings last longer, but water-based finishes are more durable. The four main sealants and stains for deck staining services are listed below.

Your deck painting professionals

When choosing a deck staining services, remember that the finished color varies based on the wood itself. If you are applying a new stain over an old one, choose a color that is similar to or darker than the original. To allow the new coating to penetrate into the wood, the old coating should be adequately worn or thoroughly stripped. Our professional team knows all the ins and outs of deck staining and will be there to help!

Get Started On Your Project

Deck staining services offer the chance to improve the look of your outdoor space while also protecting it. This process will take several days, so don’t hesitate to contact your local 360° Painting of Apex, NC professionals today. We can provide you with a free evaluation and estimate on site. (919) 726-3888

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Satisfaction Made Simple

At 360° Painting, our team goes above and beyond to ensure your total satisfaction. Our painters have years of experience and each of them receives comprehensive training to make sure they provide services that meet our high standards. You have many options when it comes to local painting companies - 360° Painting promises to be the simplest painting experience.