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Springtime Color Refresh

Celebrate springtime by refreshing the color of your home both inside and out. Start planning your springtime color refresh now to allow plenty of time to make decisions on color options. Despite a groundhog’s prediction for six more weeks of winter, spring will be here before you know it! And whether or not you plan your home improvements around Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast, now is still a great time to begin the planning process for a color refresh. 360° Painting offers some insights on planning for both interior and exterior painting.

Interior Paint

Now is the best time to plan for your interior springtime color refresh. If you envision transforming the interior of your home with a new color palette, you still have plenty of time to sit with your choices to make the right decision for your home and your family. By contemplating your options over a period of time and considering a variety of palettes for the rooms you wish to refresh, you can see how you like different colors during different parts of the day and so on. Taking this time to plan will help you feel confident in your decision and will lead to a rewarding result that you and your family can enjoy for potentially years to come. 360° Painting will consult with you offering advice on the finish and type of paint that you should use.

Exterior Paint

With so many choices in colors and finishes, deciding on your springtime color refresh for the exterior of your home is quite the commitment! By beginning the planning process now, you can spend quality time with your options and get to a point where you feel truly comfortable with your decision. 360° Painting can help you along the way by offering input and advice on the finish and type of paint that will work best for your home.

Spring into action with fresh new colors that will bring new life to your home! Plan your springtime color refresh with 360° Painting. Leveraging national partnerships with top brands like Sherwin-Williams, we can help you find the perfect paint for your home. With a wealth of experience and a detailed process, 360° Painting is the best locally-owned business in town!

Whether you decide to repaint your home’s interior and exterior or simply want to freshen up its appearance with a fresh coat of paint, make sure to contact 360° Painting. We offer free color consultations to give your home the new look it deserves. Contact today at 1-866-99-PAINT.