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Deck Staining Services in York & Lancaster, PA

Protect & Perfect Your Outdoor Space with our deck staining in York, Lancaster, Hanover, and the Surrounding areas in Pennsylvania

Cleaning and sealing your deck improves its appearance. UV radiation and moisture can fade, crack, split, and distort neglected decks. Deck maintenance improves appearance and lifetime. Due to cleaning and sealing delays, this project takes many days. You can stain your deck yourself, but 360° Painting of York County, PA can make it easier with our deck staining services.

Water test your wood to see if it absorbs sealant or finish. Wet the deck. Seal the deck if it absorbs quickly. The deck may not need sealing if water beads or stands. You may need to re-treat the wood.

While York County, PA is in the name, we also proudly serve residents and business owners in Lancaster, Hanover, Lititz, and other surrounding areas in Lancaster, Adams, and York Counties.

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Choosing a Stain or Sealer for Your Deck

Deck stains and sealers should repel water, resist mildew, and prevent fading in high-traffic areas. Water-based and oil-based sealers and stains exist. Water-based finishes stay longer than oil-based ones, although oil-based ones have longer-lasting color. In order of pigment, there are four main deck staining sealants and stains. More pigment protects wood but hides grain and texture.

Clear water repellent protects against mildew, wetness, and UV rays. Clear or natural-look coatings provide little UV protection, so the wood will gray within months. Performance lasts 6 months–2 years.

Toner, or tinted water repellent, is like clear sealant but colored. This reduces solar damage and wood graying. Even if the wood has faded, the color can restore it.

Semi-transparent stains add pigment for a muted hue while revealing the wood’s grain and structure. They protect against water and sun damage for 3–4 years.

Solid stain protects wood best since it has the most pigment or color. It covers the wood grain and just shows minor texture. Weathered wood is stained with solid colors to hide damage. This category has more color options, so choose complementing colors for different wood sections. Depending on sun exposure and foot traffic, solid stain lasts 5 years or more.

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Remember that wood color affects stain choice. Apply a new stain that matches or is darker than the existing one. The old coating must be worn or removed to allow the new coating to permeate the wood. To confirm color and look, test the stain on a tiny, inconspicuous area.

Redwood and cedar tannins induce surface bleeding. To hide tannin, use a dark stain or a tannin-removing wood cleaning. To retain freshness, recoat every 2–3 years.

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