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Designing the Perfect Work-from-Home Space

Your home is a place filled with the people you love most. Prior to COVID-19, for many working parents, a commute separated work from home life without a demand for a productive space in the house. But now, with so many employees working from home, it’s important to find a space to concentrate without distractions. Whether your day is spent making phone calls or spreadsheets, creating a space that suits you can help make work-from-home work. We’ve got ideas for how to make the perfect home office – and the best part is that we’re offering FREE Sherwin-Williams paint.

1. Where do you want to sit (or stand)?

The most important part of your workday is where you set up to actually do work. Unlike in a typical office environment, when you work-from-home you have the freedom to tailor your space to fit your specific needs. If you want to improve your posture? Splurge on that chair with perfect lumbar support – no need to wait for HR to approve it. If you don’t want to sit down all day? A standing desk could be the perfect solution! If most of your work is done on a laptop, substitute a larger desk for a chic, slim workstation. Or if you have lots of items you need in arms reach, install shelves above your desk.

2. What kind of lighting do you want?

Another benefit of designing your own workspace: no more fluorescent office lights. Opt for a softer, incandescent glow to go a little bit easier on the eyes. For a more creative space, there are Himalayan salt lamps that produce a warm glow, or even an old-school style Tungsten bulb. You can choose a standing floor lamp to free up desk space, or a classic desk light to really hone in on your work. Consider the weather where you live, too, and if you’re setting up shop near a window. It may offer more natural light, but will it be distracting? And on cooler, rainy days, consider lighting a scented candle to boost your mood.

3. What kind of color do you want?

Color sets the tone, mood, and personality for your room. It can be hard to visualize your room without seeing the color actualized on the walls. With Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer, you can upload a photo of your home office space and choose a color swatch so you can imagine what it will look like in your space! Once you choose a color, our painting professionals can bring it to life in your home.

360º Painting has a valued partnership with Sherwin-Williams, so we’re offering FREE Sherwin-Williams paint when you book our services through December 1st. For inspiration, here is the same office space visualized with three of Sherwin-Williams’ best-selling colors.

Rookwood Red SW 2802

Smoky Blue SW 7604

Web Gray SW 7075

A bold neutral like Rookwood Red SW 2802 is a good choice for an office because it is physically stimulating and can encourage productivity. On the other hand, Smoky Blue SW 7604 is calming and can help relieve stress to make your home office a relaxing space. If you choose Web Gray SW 7075, the neutral wall creates a safe environment that detracts from stimuli, which can increase your focus.

While these three fan favorites are great options for any room in your house, we’re offering any Sherwin-Williams paint for free when you book our painting services*. Take the hassle out of painting, and claim the perfect work-from-home space in your home. At 360º Painting, we believe in safety, quality, and getting the most out of your house. Give us a call at 866-99-PAINT to talk to your local 360º Painting about free Sherwin-Williams paint.

*Offer valid through December 1st, only at participating 360º Painting locations.

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